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TPOTS -- Elodea Kudos to Dulcamara

Postby calroger » Thu 4. Jun 2015, 01:49

I have been exploring Elodea since it first appeared. The past few days, I have been seriously exploring. I finally found the underground city carved out of red rocks. I found this city about a year ago and then couldn't find it again. I have now found it again.

The detail in this age(s) is absolutely amazing. I don't know how she does it alone. I don't know what her background it but there must be a lot of engineering. That underground city is absolutely amazing with its many levels (physical--elevation), interconnecting ramps and stairways, etc. I discovered an outer island that I hadn't seen before that contains secrets to be discovered in the future.

Dulcamara, I hope you are reading this. Your work is absolutely amazing. This is possibly the most detailed age in the Drizzle library. I would hope that someday it might find it's way into TOC-Moula.
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