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I don't find any sparkly

Postby Annabelle » Mon 9. Apr 2012, 23:04


I finally managed to link to TOC-TPOTS. I made a mistake right from the start and I just figured it out yesterday.

To solve my problem:
1- reinstall from a clean version of URU:CC (CD version).
2- with Drizzle: install latest Offline-KI 3.7.1 & Age Information
3- with Drizzle: convert my owned games of Myst 5 EOA, Crowthistle, MagiQuest Online & HexIsle

...and it worked at last :D

It worked so great than I began my search for April's Sparkly. I didn't find it in Gahreesen's Prison Cell. I visited every other 11 locations of sparkly (thinking that maybe there was one stuck & available since it should be one by month), I didn't find any.

I do have January & February sparklies on my Pinnacle so I know there should be a sparkly. (I have grabbed those in early 2011)

Have they been disabled recently?
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