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Postby Mystler » Sun 4. Mar 2012, 12:40

Due to new updates the Alcugs server will be down today (Mar 4). We will inform you when it is back.
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Re: Downtimes

Postby Annabelle » Sun 4. Mar 2012, 17:30

Since you opened up a subject on this...

Can I know the reason why,

1st) there's no sparklies available at all in TOC TPOTS? I would be willing to, like on the other alcugs shards, wait each month to grab one sparkly, instead of not having the chance to.

2nd) the bahros' wedges are not present in our Relto? We can go easily in Yeesha Journey ages, Minkata, Ahnonay, Er'cana, Pods caves. It's a bit harder for Tsogal and Delin (but we can manage), but what the use to even visit those ages if there's no reward at the end of it all?
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Re: Downtimes

Postby Jogi » Sun 4. Mar 2012, 22:35

This evening I installed Offline-KI (Ver 3.7.1) to TOC TPOTS.

It seems all objects from activated Relto Pages (I've got 17 till now, bit lazy :oops: ) are now visible on our home island finitely. Especially the bitterly missed wedge mill with the bahro wedges, the calendar island and the park bench from Tsogal are present now. :!:

A short visit to Kadish pointed out that the pillars in the pillar hall now work for me!
(to finish Kadish I had to cheat with /jump and /goto)

I visited some fan-made Ages already successfully.
But for the sparklies we still may wait for. Something to look forward to.

Well, this all we owe the recent update and the Offline-KI, I think. Thank You all. It is no matter of course!

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