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Re: New Frontpage feature

Postby janaba » Sun 6. Apr 2014, 15:48

Mystler wrote:You can now also apply "TOCPublic" to your images. :)
Note: If you didn't take the picture yourself, the original creator will be shown.

This is awesome and it works ... Thanks ... :D

I suppose you've already tested how many pictures this message window/feature and thus the whole frontpage can take or deal with ... :P

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Re: New Frontpage feature

Postby G. Sylar » Thu 24. Apr 2014, 00:37

Meanwhile us the front page as well as the forum of the TOC provides a lot of features! Have previously only just rediscovered a new one. "CoD Coutryard Imager" and "CoD Pub Imager"! The game action takes place thereby somehow closer to reality. Just as in this case. That you can now see the pictures of the CoD Imager here on the Home screen or in the forum. And all this in real time. Your ingenuity you have to really time to praise here!

TOC has always helped me for my studies and small projects. I have a lot in recent times learned and understood by you.

And I think when it comes to development, even in the continued existence in the future for Uru, the TOC stands with in the first place.

Thank you for your efforts!
G. Sylar

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