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Updates 2015/04/08

Postby Mystler » Wed 8. Apr 2015, 14:26

TOCMoul 2.19

  • WebM support for videos
  • Guild of Wizards T-Shirt, Longsleeve and Leather Jacket
  • Neighborhoods are sorted by last entry
  • Improved password storage system
  • Many other minor bugfixes


  • WebM Unterstützung für Videos
  • Guild of Wizards T-Shirt, Longsleeve und Lederjacke
  • Gemeinden sind nach letztem Betreten sortiert
  • Verbessertes Passwort-Speicher System
  • Viele weitere kleine Bugfixes
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Re: Updates 2015/04/08

Postby janaba » Wed 8. Apr 2015, 17:04

Wonderful, Mystler!!! ... I was just seeing this and could immediately download that new update ... I first got an UruLauncher is not working error, but I immediately tried again and it worked flawlessly (just telling so that noone gets discouraged and just tries again) ... :P

So, yeah, the wonderful TOC Intro is back!!! Besides that everything else seems to work and to be stable and safe ... We've got that update already on the Gehn Shard, so I knew where to look ... I linked into the new shiny and overhauled GoM Pub and ran and spawned around the CoD ... Grandbad just linked in and I'm waiting for my beloved boat ride to commence ... 8-)

Ok, many of the improvements can only be tested with other explorers and when really playing and living in the cavern while creating and bumping hoods etc. ... So far I'd like to congratulate our precious TOC Team for another great release and improvement of a wonderful and different Uru experience ... ahhh, and the boat is departing right now and I'm going to sign off from here ... Have fun, everyone ... /wave ... :D

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Re: Updates 2015/04/08

Postby Vaughan » Wed 8. Apr 2015, 17:41

Nice intro! Compliment! Everything works fine after the update. Thank you Mystler :-)


Schönes Intro ! Kompliment ! Alles funktioniert wunderbar nach dem Update. Danke Mystler :-)

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Re: Updates 2015/04/08

Postby Zesty of Xeniphers » Wed 8. Apr 2015, 18:40

wow ! what a wonderful work Mystler ! and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the ~Guild of Wizards T-Shirt, Longsleeve and Leather Jacket~ it has been my very first attempt to create a logo for a game. i really love how it looks on my avatar.
i love the intro too. i am jumping for joy here, to the moon and back ;) together with all the GUILD OF WIZARDS' members.
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Re: Updates 2015/04/08

Postby calroger » Wed 8. Apr 2015, 19:07

Good job, Mystler. Love the intro. Everything seems to work fine. I spent a bit of time there this morning chasing the Tardis, attempting to determine if its movements are random or preprogrammed. I have come to the conclusion that the movement is random unless I have not found all the landing spots. I now know of five locations but there must be a sixth. Anyway, while I was running around the cave, I didn't see those dancing badgers, snake, or mushroom. They must be hiding with the Tardis! Either that or they jumped (linked) over to TPOTS while I playing MOUL.
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Re: Updates 2015/04/08

Postby RockArdemar » Wed 8. Apr 2015, 21:07

Yes! Excellent! Everything is flawless, perfect. Thank you! :)
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Re: Updates 2015/04/08

Postby G. Sylar » Thu 9. Apr 2015, 16:31

Ah yes because the intro is back! :)
Reminds me of the good old days on the TOC. ;)


G. Sylar

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