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Updates 2013/12/17

Postby Mystler » Tue 17. Dec 2013, 16:33

  • CoD reorganization update by Filtik (includes a retextured Kahlo Pub and elevator fixes)


  • CoD Reorganisation von Filtik (enthält einen neutexturierten Kahlo Pub und Fixes für den Fahrstuhl)
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Re: Updates 2013/12/17

Postby calroger » Tue 17. Dec 2013, 17:23

The first time I entered COD, the ground was not solid and I fell through. I respawned several times and the same thing happened. I tried floating and was able to stop the fall but when I tried nofloat the fall resumed. I then exited and restarted the game. This time when I linked to COD, I landed on solid ground but none of the keyboard movement keys worked. I went to the pub and it looks good. I would look even better with some glassware and bottles on the shelves.

I then went to the elevator, movement keys still not working, mouse only. I went to the second level and still no keyboard action. However, on the third (top) level, the keyboard started working again. Going back down the elevator, the keyboard worked correctly on all levels.

I don't know what to think about these problems. Maybe the game just needed to be exercised a bit to become accustomed to the changes!!

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Re: Updates 2013/12/17

Postby janaba » Wed 18. Dec 2013, 22:07

I also fell through the non-existent ground in the CoD as everyone lol, I fell through until I was Reltoed out, and it is great that you've pointed to that momentary issue on the login screen ... :P

When I logged on to the shard and linked to the CoD again everything was back to normality ... The Kahlo Pub is awesome and so beautiful and clean ... As I've just said to Zesty, which I've met there, now it only needs some glasses and bottles as well as some candles or lights on the tables and it'd be just perfect ... Awesome job, Filtik, thank you ... :)

I couldn't find a difference in the elevator, it worked for me as perfect as before ... I have no keyboard/movement problems and the buttons still work fine too, I went straight up to the top and ran back down again ... I've seen a label on the dance floor music button, but maybe that was there at the weekend's party already ...

I took some pictures of that great new pub ... :D


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Re: Updates 2013/12/17

Postby G. Sylar » Thu 19. Dec 2013, 19:14

Saw it already. ;)
Thx Janaba. Beautiful pictures.

Thanks to Filtik! :D
Thanks TOC-Team!

Could you always open the door in one of the side rooms of pubs and close? :o
G. Sylar

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Re: Updates 2013/12/17

Postby Annabelle » Sat 21. Dec 2013, 15:48


That's so nice. Thanks for this new pub. I really like the lights everywhere.

Thanks janaba for sharing those pictures. You even had to suffer a non-existent floor to take them :lol: .
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Re: Updates 2013/12/17

Postby Zesty of Xeniphers » Sun 22. Dec 2013, 19:43

the new pub looks great. excellent job ! but... where are the bottles ? :lol:
Zesty of Xeniphers

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