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Door Run

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Door Run

Postby Wamduskasapa » Tue 18. Feb 2014, 11:19

We are having a Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin Door run today at 0830 KI time.

Please we need the help - IF YOU still require those wedges you need to be there - PLEASE..

We will meet in the City Of dimensions (/COD). (we will be using the open Cave Hood for the Delin Door and Guild of Wizards Hood for the Eder Tsogal door).

I took the liberty of moving and renaming the thread. ;) ~Mystler

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Re: Door Run

Postby Acorn » Tue 18. Feb 2014, 21:34

aww, I was out at work! Otherwise I'd have loved to join in.
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Re: Door Run

Postby Zesty of Xeniphers » Tue 18. Feb 2014, 22:16

great door runs. thank you Kirk of Xeniphers, Wamduskasapa, Janaba, Hawkster, Charura, Granddad and Mynx for participating. :)
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