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Re: [CANCELED] Wall Tournament - Sign Up

Postby G. Sylar » Sun 24. Jun 2012, 14:35

I can only join with my colleagues. :)

That was a long time again a really nice evening. Kudos to the TOC team here that have, despite the failures of the wall (was wondering why not come through with the blockers :lol:) to get its promise great! Many thanks! I also think it's really great that you repeat that. Hopefully I can and the same explorers, or even more people to participate in the "Remake of the Wall tournament"?

Seppolo and the WSfilmschmiede and are already working to evaluate the footage. And yet the latest information I have received, will begin production of a small film on the wall next week. :D

G. Sylar

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Re: [CANCELED] Wall Tournament

Postby Jogi » Sun 24. Jun 2012, 23:06

Well, I don't feel quite innocent of the early end of The Wall Tournament! As my avatar left the wall prematurely (crashed out) I assume the cycle of the climbing competition was not finished probably. :oops: :mrgreen: ;)

After all, The Wall worked satisfactorily. - If there does not occure any exception! :)

Hence, my suggestion would be the installation of a fail-safe reset function. Therefore one should have to push the init/start-button on the control panel for at least three seconds.

In joyful anticipation of the next Tournament...
Good luck with your improvements, dear TOC-Team! (it is easy to say since it is not my job)

The so-called crash-out actually was a NetWork Error 6 coming from a temporary disturbed connection of my WLAN. (bad, bad microwave-oven of a neighbor)

So I am guilty all along the line! :cry:

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