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Postby bianca » Tue 21. Feb 2017, 10:22


I have a little problem with my KI, it no longer accepts the creations of markers games that I like to do.
When I type F8, I have a message that mentions that the KI is full, it is not the case, it is also impossible for me to delete some.

Thank you in advance for the help you could bring me.

Is there a way to empty the KI?


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Re: My KI is FULL

Postby philipgr » Thu 22. Jun 2017, 17:55

Hi Bianca

Sorry for only responding now. I saw your post yesterday evening. The reason why you are receiving this error is because you have reached the limits of the KI Images you have taken, notes and marker games you have created. Your incoming is not included. You can have lots of items in it. The one draw back for having lots of stuff in Incoming is that your game will take a long while to load from the avatar screen where you press play. The more stuff the longer it takes.

You need to free up space by deleting some of the items you have saved in your ages. There are two ways that you can save your stuff.

Option One
You can create another avatar and then send your items to it. Afterwards logout of your current avatar (Bianca) and log into you other avatar. If it is a newly created avatar you will need to go and get a Ki. You may also have to complete the four original ages and do the green and red marker runs. If and when you have your Ki working look in that avatar's Incoming and you will see the items you sent. You can then send them back to your Bianca avatar. Logout and then log back into your Bianca avatar and you should see them in there. Once you have checked that they work you can delete them from your ages. You can send items from Incoming to you ages but for some odd reason you cannot send items from your ages to Incoming.

Option two
This is a little more complicated. You can use the /export command in TOC to save your KI Images and notes. You can also use it to save to save items in your incoming like Ki Images other explorers have sent you. Eventhough the help book says you can use /export to save marker games it does not and you receive an error when you try. To see the items that you have exported, in Windows you need to follow this path in Windows Exlporer:
C:\Program Files(x86)\TOC-Moul\export

To see your KI Images you need to follow this path:
c:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\The Open Cave\KIimages
The AppData is a hidden folder so you will need to change a setting in Windows Explorer to see it. If you do not see it in your user folder do the following (This is in my Windows 7. I assume Windows 8 and 10 will be the same:
Click on Tools in the menu bar then select Folder options-->View then look for Hidden Files and Folders then select the Show Hidden files, folders or drives and click apply. Close the popup and you should the popup. You can now go to the Open cave folder. The avatar folder is where you avatar and its' settings are stored as well as a picture if you have taken one in your wardrobe.

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