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Retrieving an old Avatar

PostPosted: Thu 9. Feb 2017, 13:45
by J'Kla
I do not know if this is posible.

I was on both the TpotS and Moul versions a while ago. We are talking two plus years here.

I upgraded my PC and in the migration all of my connections were lost.

I recently made a concerted effort to rebuild these and obviously there have been a few changes.

It took me a cople of days to figure out that the gmail I was using just was not working and when I reverted to my Yahoo Mail I was able to get things installed.

Now TOC TpotS is not an issue I have been able to create my original avatar name J'Kla and I am aware that probably the easiest solution is just to work through the ages and rebuild this avatar a process I am familiar with.

My problem is with the TOC MOUL connection I tried to create my J'Kla avatar only to be told the name already exists so I presume this must be from my previous incarnation Or it could be it's part of the online retreval of the data from MOULa. Becuse I can't access the account I am kind of stuck.

Temporarily I have created a J'Kla TOC avatar but I would like to get my original Avatar the name may be in use acording to the vault but in reality there is no way I can access it.

Even if I only get the avatar name I am prepared to go through the ages to rebuild the avatar I have done it several times as I have been in the cavern since the original Ubisoft admin error.

I am also in the process of building a number of fall back positions for "The Meeting Place" Neighbourhood having just rebuilt the hood on Ghen shard. It appears that "The Meeting Place" avatar name is also unavailable which is going to make it an issue for reviving the Hood on TOC Moul

The login that I am using for TOC Moul is JimJKla

I accept that if none of this is possible I will just have to /shrug and accept it. ;)

Re: Retrieving an old Avatar

PostPosted: Sat 11. Feb 2017, 14:41
by Mystler
If you created that avatar on another account, did you try recovering that account?

Re: Retrieving an old Avatar

PostPosted: Sun 19. Feb 2017, 23:47
by J'Kla
Yes tried and failed.

That's why I built the new account.

Re: Retrieving an old Avatar

PostPosted: Tue 21. Feb 2017, 19:11
by J'Kla
Account reset