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PlayOnLinux script

PostPosted: Sat 25. Jun 2016, 23:01
by Korovev
As posted on the MOULa forums, I’m attempting to make PlayOnLinux (and hopefully PlayOnMac) scripts for MOULa (and a few shards). I’d need a few Linux guinea pigs to test if the scripts work outside my test box :lol:
The scripts are here and are run from the PlayOnLinux program: Tools > Run a non-official script.
TOC seems to work if an updated folder is copied from Windows.

Edit: changed link to GitHub.

Re: PlayOnLinux script

PostPosted: Mon 20. Feb 2017, 22:27
by philipgr
Hi Korovev

I installed TOC-MOULa and MOULa in my Linux Mint 17.3 installation. MOULa will not run at all. TOC-MOULa runs for a while then it freezes, also the graphics are very big. I have installed PlayOnLinux but I did not try to use it to install TOC-MOULa'.
I am not an expert in Linux but I do know my way around it and I can use the bash terminal when I need to. I do not mind helping you test them, you just need to tell me what you want me to do. I have upgraded to Linux Mint 18. I have not tried to install TOC-MOULa in because I did not see the point.


Re: PlayOnLinux script

PostPosted: Thu 1. Feb 2018, 00:12
by Korovev
Sorry I haven’t showed up in a long while :oops:
I’ve updated the scripts a bit, they should be more robust now and Windows is not needed. I’m now using Wine 3.0, which also seems to work fine by itself.

If the mystonline prefix is present, the script should be able to copy the data from there, creating a TOC-Moul folder in the same position as the TOC installer default. If the launcher fails to delete the old patcher, just relaunch it; after a couple of attempts it should manage.

It’s recommended to first install the WineHQ package, then PlayOnLinux.