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PlayOnLinux script

Postby Korovev » Sat 25. Jun 2016, 23:01

As posted on the MOULa forums, I’m attempting to make PlayOnLinux (and hopefully PlayOnMac) scripts for MOULa (and a few shards). I’d need a few Linux guinea pigs to test if the scripts work outside my test box :lol:
The scripts are here and are run from the PlayOnLinux program: Tools > Run a non-official script.
TOC seems to work if an updated folder is copied from Windows.

Edit: changed link to GitHub.
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Re: PlayOnLinux script

Postby philipgr » Mon 20. Feb 2017, 22:27

Hi Korovev

I installed TOC-MOULa and MOULa in my Linux Mint 17.3 installation. MOULa will not run at all. TOC-MOULa runs for a while then it freezes, also the graphics are very big. I have installed PlayOnLinux but I did not try to use it to install TOC-MOULa'.
I am not an expert in Linux but I do know my way around it and I can use the bash terminal when I need to. I do not mind helping you test them, you just need to tell me what you want me to do. I have upgraded to Linux Mint 18. I have not tried to install TOC-MOULa in because I did not see the point.

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