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Play of the Wall

Postby Toki » Wed 17. Feb 2016, 19:38

Shorah my friends!!

We challenged play of the Wall.
Each set a trap and faced it.
This is chat log at that time.

(02/17 21:10:38) Takumi re-spawns to the starting point
(02/17 21:10:46) Toki re-spawns to the starting point
(02/17 21:20:44) Wall System: Both players entered - Please wait in front of the ladder. Countdown begins in 20 sec.
(02/17 21:21:03) Wall System: Start in
(02/17 21:21:04) Wall System: 5
(02/17 21:21:06) Wall System: 4
(02/17 21:21:07) Wall System: 3
(02/17 21:21:08) Wall System: 2
(02/17 21:21:09) Wall System: 1
(02/17 21:21:10) Wall System: GO
(02/17 21:22:57) Wall System: Player Takumi has WON after 01:48
(02/17 21:22:57) Wall System: Player Toki has lost
(02/17 21:23:07) Wall System: Wall will reset in 10 sec
(02/17 21:23:17) Wall System: Wall has reset

According to this, the winner is Takumi, and the loser is Toki.
However, malfunction happened after having finished a game.

After having touched the goal point, Takumi of the winner disappeared. Takum must actually arrive at Nexus.
Toki touched the blue lamp for the surrender, but disappeared afterwards. Toki must actually arrive at Nexus, too.
Each other decided to come back to Relto, but the avatar returned to the state of the default.

Please tell me the right way of ending this game.

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