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Installing under LINUX

Postby Hefred » Sat 21. Mar 2015, 22:17

I have decided to use a Linux machine, (Linux Mint Mate edition to be exact). I am very satisfied with it. In fact, I am more than satisfied and every day I find more reasons why I to like it over Windows. Being a complete newbee on Linux, I'm looking for some hand holding to get TOC and ToPots running under Wine. Can someone either tell me what needs to be done, in a tutorial form, or point me to a known set of instructions / tutorial?

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Re: Installing under LINUX

Postby Mystler » Sun 22. Mar 2015, 13:29

I cannot give you a step-by-step tutorial as I'm not using a Linux machine for gaming, atm. However, what you will want to try is a program called "Wine". (https://www.winehq.org/)

It should be available in the package repository. Wine is a wrapper that allows you to run Windows software on Linux which means that you should be able to run the installer and the game as you would on Windows. It might require a few tweaks with winetricks though. E.g. you may have to install the VC 2013 runtime separately. Maybe someone else can give you better instructions. :)
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