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"25 Markers for a quiet...Relto" Damaged Game

Postby Abjab » Mon 26. Jan 2015, 12:56

I have a confession :shock: I appear to have borked a popular Marker game ("25 Markers for a quiet...relto"), made by avie The Modifier. Here's how I think I did it.

Minion Dave (an Abjab Avie) had two copies of the game, one under Incoming list and one under Relto list. Avie Maxxie asked if I had completed the game because the last marker was hard to find; I said I would check it again and see if I could help.

I opened and played the game from the Incoming list, and made a rough manual record of each Marker's text. From this experience I made a TM with some hints and sent it to Maxxie (then offline).

I was torn between resetting this game or trying to make a better copy of all the collected Marker text first. I assumed I could use ctrl-alt C to copy this text, but it wouldn't work for me...nothing pasted (ctrl-alt V) to an open Wordpad. I tried several times and finally closed the Incoming list game without resetting it.

Later on (same session) I randomly came across the same name Marker game in my Relto List. Out of curiosity I opened it and was surprised to find that the identical game progress was recorded (open) but now it displayed the Edit option and renamed the owner (now Minion Dave). It appears that I had created an identical copy of the game, and which now belonged to me with editting rights :( I closed it without resetting, and confirmed that the Incoming List Game still belonged to Avie The Modifier. Anxious not to leave a confliction (same game name), I chose to delete my copy in Relto Listing, and anxiously went to check the original Incoming list.....But now it freezes at "....LOADING...." I fear this may be everybodie's experience. Is it fixable ?

I have no experience with WHOM, which might help, if only to clear broken stuff away, I assume. The lesson learned is "Don't attempt to copy the Marker Game collected Text" It creates conflicting Copies of the game, it appears, somehow. All insights and advice are welcome....

Apologies to all and particularly The Modifier :(

Editted 2/15/15:-

Fantastic ! Things have been mercifully fixed; I know not how yet..(it had to take more than a server reset I suspect:). The redundant broken Markers Game copy in Relto listing is now absent, and an untouched original Game copy opens and works fine :)

Many Thanks Mystler et al....!
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