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Re: A Wish List :)

PostPosted: Mon 17. Nov 2014, 12:23
by RockArdemar
Zesty of Xeniphers wrote:P.S. found that office rockardemar. i wish it was possible to just walk into it without using float and XYZ but oh well, one can't have everything i suppose ...

;) Indeed Mrs Xenipher, I never said how I got there.
And, as I said some time before in some other thread - if something is not possible now, it doesn't mean it won't be possible in the future. We just have to be patient.

The whole Myst Online Uru Live (on all of its shards) is one big and permanent Work-in-Progress, as is life itself. Just enjoy it.

Re: A Wish List :)

PostPosted: Wed 19. Nov 2014, 08:53
by Zesty of Xeniphers
well, look what i've got:
it seems our Wamduskasapa has already found the way to it. and he said he gave the files to Filtik and Mystler already :)
well, this is my wish no. 1 atm (after xmas presents game of course).
this looks awesome. new links - new places to explore, new textures, oh my ........ so Mystler - pretty please. i am sure many players would love this. and THANKS in advance for all the new places and all the effort and love put into this shard.

Re: A Wish List :)

PostPosted: Wed 19. Nov 2014, 14:02
by janaba
This looks absolutely awesome, thanks for sharing this Zesty, and thanks to Wam for capturing and providing this great high-quality video for all to admire on your website ... :P

It is indeed wonderful to see and know this to be ready-made and completed as I remember those files being provided in the past by Itep, the renovations, and Sirius with access to undisclosed areas .... Hihi ... back .... I just played around for a while lol, and looked into Itep's texture modifications resp. renovations of the Relto, the Nexus, Ae'gura and the neighborhood ... very nice ... ahh, and I just see that the TOC MOUL texture in Relto is still the one of Itep while Wam's Relto is slightly different in color and style, and Wam's hood is still Itep's style with slight variations ... I wonder why your Ayoheek table isn't working though ... 8-)

Yeah, those are great renovations, easily to modify with the resp. tools, I suppose, beautiful, but what most are also looking for now is access to by now restricted areas of D'ni ...

Sirius of the GoW, and others maybe too, has worked that all out, the secret hood room and such, and provided files years ago, but it was just too technical and arduous to implement them with PlasmaShop I believe, so, it is nice to see that someone might have created more easily to implement files for a convenient access to those areas, and to have those even accessible on a public shard would be definitely much appreciated by many ... :mrgreen:

Besides all of that, it is really awesome what you're doing here on this shard, precious TOC team, and if there wouldn't be that uneasiness or anxiety that MOULa could ever be abandoned if they wouldn't keep a close eye on it and frequent it as much as possible, the community could be more flexible and there would be more happening and more fun to be had for all on the available shards, and there would be thus of course even more motivation to put everything in resp. get everything possible out of what is available ... So, a great kudos and congratulations is due, dear TOC team, for all you've done by now and are still putting in and further on, despite the circumstances ... :D

Re: A Wish List :)

PostPosted: Wed 19. Nov 2014, 20:00
by RockArdemar
Hehe, excellent :)
There are always new things. And there are surely more we know nothing about (yet) - already done, or in brewing.

Re: A Wish List :)

PostPosted: Wed 19. Nov 2014, 23:45
by calroger
When I first viewed that video, my initial impression was TPOTS. However, as I continued watching, I realized that this was neither TPOTS nor TOC-moul. I would really like to see and visit that room. It looks like there are a bunch of goodies there including several linking books. My curiosity really wants to know where they lead to.

Keep up the good work, team. I can hardly wait to see what comes next!


Re: A Wish List :)

PostPosted: Thu 20. Nov 2014, 10:30
by Mystler
It is a TPotS video, but with Drizzle additions afaict.

And yes, we have the files and it's on our TODO list. Since these mods are TPotS, we have to manually redo all changes and assure nothing gets broken by accident. This is why you cannot play it *yet*, but we intend to release it als DLC in the future.

Re: A Wish List :)

PostPosted: Thu 20. Nov 2014, 22:13
by Wamduskasapa
Here is the Original Guild of Writers discussion and Development of the Creation of a Visitable Meeting Room and Secret Room from the Spyroom. ... =10&t=4835

Re: A Wish List :)

PostPosted: Sat 9. Dec 2017, 14:50
by Zesty of Xeniphers
shorah to a wonderful TOC team - Mystler and Filtik.

first and foremost - we have been VERY good and nice this year :D oh yes !

now, are we allowed some tiny Christmas gifts ? if yes, i would chose Wamduskasapa's wish to come true - a path to Spyroom without using commands (as he called it "Visitable Meeting Room and Secret Room from the Spyroom"). the file he submitted to you long ago. it was his wish to see it in TOC and it would be something like a tribute to him, now that he is not among us in flesh any more [ although his spirit is with us always :) ]

Merry Christmas Mystler, Filtik and everyone, i hope all your wishes come true this Christmas.