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CYAN's new game on Kickstarter!!!

Postby janaba » Thu 17. Oct 2013, 18:49

Maybe some have already heard of or seen rumours about Cyan's new game in development, much has been talked about and has been anticipated and been hinted to through pictures etc. by Cyan's friends and employees themselves in the last months, posted to Facebook and to this thread on the new Cyan forums ... :P

Now it is out ... For all who not very often roam the MOUL and Cyan forums and websites ... Cyan is definitely in the game business again resp. is challenging its luck and fate by using the Kickstarter facility as a kickstarter in the literal sense ... :mrgreen:

Anyone who'd like to support them and the development of an absolutely awesome new real-time, first-person adventure RPG made by Cyan, please, have a look and consider to back this project through this Kickstarter page ... :)

This is Cyan's announcement on its own website in the news section ... The following link leads you to the new 'Obduction' game website, yes, that's the name of the game ...

These are exciting times for all of us, I believe, at least for those who've been waiting for Cyan to show up again and gift us all with their creativity and expertise in a whole new and exciting way, means with an adventure game with awesome environments and stories made by Cyan ... I know I did, and I am so happy for those wonderful guys after all those years that they found that courage and their passion again to start anew and feel confident and know that they still have something to give and to gift to the world ... :D

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Re: CYAN's new game on Kickstarter!!!

Postby RockArdemar » Thu 17. Oct 2013, 19:18

Yess! Great news! :D
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