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Happy Birthday Calroger

Postby janaba » Wed 18. Jul 2012, 22:21

I am glad that I just stopped by here before my day is over and to find that we have
a precious fellow explorer to celebrate today and your day is only half over ... Yay!!! ... Image

So, let's raise our glasses and I'm wishing you an exciting and unforgettable

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest CALROGER !!! .... Image

all the way from Germany with much fun, many surprises, family and friends,
and I wish you a wonderful, healthy and fullfilled life and many more Uru/TOC/
MOULa years further on ... Take care and be happy, cal ... :D

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Re: Happy Birthday Calroger

Postby calroger » Wed 18. Jul 2012, 22:47

Thank you Janaba. I didn't know that anybody knew. It must be in my profile. It has been an uneventful day so far. My wife and I are going out to dinner this evening.

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Re: Happy Birthday Calroger

Postby Folkher » Thu 19. Jul 2012, 08:13

Hihi, Germans to the front ... ;)

One day late, but from cancer to cancer (the best sign of the zodiak :D ) and from the north of Germany to the northwest of the United States the best wishes.

From what I read here on the forum, I'm sure you will have much fun in the future as well as in the past. Having said this: live long and prosper :) .



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