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Using Drizzle to add MOULa files to the TOC TPOTS shard

Postby FredTCat » Mon 3. Oct 2011, 18:10

Thank you for keeping the TOC TPOTS online and for bringing it here. I have enjoyed exploring this version of the City of Dimensions, and the other interesting and amazing places available here,at least after I figured out how to add the MOULa files with Drizzle.
I will describe a basic setup here, and in a separate topic I will attempt to describe a more complete way of using Drizzle to set up the game.
If you already have a TOC tPOTS account set up and working, but have not yet added MOUL files, go to the UAM website (here http://dusty.homeunix.net/w/index.php?title=Uam/Shard&oldid=1625) and download Drizzle. Open Drizzle and select your TOC tPOTS folder as your tpots folder, on the second page select your MOULa, or your TOC MOULa folder as your MOUL folder. Clink start,and it will add the converted MOUL files to your game folder, then click on 'add MOUL music' , once this is done, your ready to close Drizzle, and visit the cave.
Have fun, and if you have problems, or questions,post them here or elsewhere in this forum
Fred the Cat
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